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            KeraCell Sampler Bag

            KeraCell Sampler Bag
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            Sample a wide variety of KERACELL® products with this sampler bag. Samples included in the bundle:




            Anti-Aging Facial Serum - .10 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Anti-Aging Facial Serum, featuring MHCsc?Technology, is a nourishing blend of the worlds leading anti-aging ingredients and peptides which help to protect skin from oxidative stress, moisturizes and nourishes stem cells for more healthy and radiant looking skin. Use daily for optimal results.

            • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
            • Helps improve skin elasticity
            • Assists in production of collagen and elastin, helps stimulate repair and renewal mechanisms of the skin
            • Nourishes the skins own stem cells
            • Special ingredients work synergistically with human growth factors for improved results

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            V-Shape Neck & Décolleté Cream - .10 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® V-Shape Neck & Décolleté Cream with MHCsc?technology is a slimming and toning treatment to help lift and shape the neck and jawline. A moisturizing cream with two brightening agents to help minimize discolorations on the neck and chest area due to sun exposure. Anti-aging peptides, vitamin E, rice and almond protein help to firm and lift the neck and throat area for a smoother, younger looking appearance. Specialized botanical extracts and caffeine help to reduce fat deposits to minimize jowls and double chin to improve facial contour for the desirable chin/cheek angle, or what is known as the "V-Shape".

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            Line Filling & Erasing Serum - .10 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Line Filling & Erasing Serum, featuring MHCsc?technology is specially formulated to nourish and restore the skin, and target the wrinkles and sagging skin in the jowl area, nasal-labial folds (marionette lines), and around the eye area. Line Filling & Erasing Serum helps to plump and restore the health of the skin and helps rebuild the extracellular matrix to prevent the loss of the volume around the eyes and face, and improve firmness and elasticity.

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            Rejuvenating Rich Moisture Cream - .10 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Rejuvenating Rich Moisture Cream is for Dry and Mature Skin. Going beyond the benefits of MHCsc?technology, we formulated this Luxurious Rejuvenating Moisturizer with the world's most innovative ingredients, one of which is called REVINAGE®. Revinage® is a plant based "natural" alternative for Retinol and/or Retinyl Palmiitate for improved cell turnover. Non-phototoxic (like retinol) and is plant-derived, making it a much more natural alternative.

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            Facial Hair Inhibiting Serum - .10 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Facial Hair Inhibiting Serum with MHCsc?technology contains Pilisoft?which is an extract derived from the leaves of Gymnema Sylvestre and rich in gymnenic acids, successfully prolonging and enhancing the effects of hair removal treatments. Its innovative mechanism of action is based on the important role gymnenic acids play in the inhibition process of hair follicle activity. Tests have demonstrated its ability to reduce keratinocyte proliferation and impair the mitotic activity of hair follicles. Its efficacy on both slowing hair growth and reducing hair density has been confirmed by a clinical study with significant results obtained over a one-month period. It also contains Depil Enzyme?a keratin specific enzyme derived from a fermentation process that helps to "digest" newly formed keratin protein into peptides, which are then easily rinsed off when you wash your face.

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            Brightening Serum - .10 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Anti-Aging Brightening Serum, featuring MHCsc?technology, is specially formulated with a blend of the world's finest ingredients known for brightening and evening out skin tone. This powerful formula works synergistically with the stem cell growth factors, potent Peptides and anti-oxidants by blocking the melanogenesis process at multiple levels, and protects skin from inflammation to help improve photoaging marks and hyperpigmentation for a more even complexion. Helps minimize fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, sagging and improves radiance. Visible results can be seen after 28 days with long lasting results after 3 months.

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            Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - .10 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Vitamin C Serum is a highly concentrated anti-aging treatment to help brighten, firm and smooth the complexion. This advanced formula with stabilized Vitamin C and orange micro-beads of Vitamin C helps to even and clarify skin tone, boost collagen and elastin production and diminish age spots and freckles. Vitamins A & E and Indian Gentian Leaf Extract (SWT-7) help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, moisturize and resurface the skin.

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            Eye Lift & Contour Cream - .10 fl oz sample

            A breakthrough formulation utilizing our core MHCsc?Technology with award winning Gatuline Lift N Link® targets the appearance of eye contour wrinkles and aids in firmness, lift, and elasticity. Potent bio-active signaling peptides hone damaged sites to aid in repairing, restoring and relaxing signs of aging, while botanical extracts of cucumber and licorice root awaken and brighten, minimizing dark circles and reducing puffiness. This luxurious velvety cream contains innovative soft focus and blurring agents that quickly melt into your skin, restoring its suppleness and luminosity.

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            Anti-Aging Facial Serum Concentrate - .10 fl oz sample

            High Potency MHCsc?Technology formulated with W3 Peptide (Hexapeptide-33), a novel 3rd generation skin care peptide targeting G-Protein-Coupled Receptor.?Activates cell vitality, combats wrinkles, brightens and tones. Potent bio-active signaling peptides hone damaged sites to aid in repair and restoration, while Gatuline Renew® helps to improve skin texture, smoothing and hydrating, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

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            Invigorating Shampoo - 1 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Invigorating Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and hair while restoring and maintaining the proper moisture balance. MHCsc?technology, Peptides, and Red Clover and Baikal Skullcap help to stimulate keratinocytes for renewed hair growth. A unique blend of Quinoa, Kale, Carrot and Lemon proteins, amino acids and Soy Germ Extract also help to strengthen and condition new hair as it grows.

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            Fortifying Conditioner - 1 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Fortifying Conditioner with MHCsc?technology was designed to complement our Invigorating Shampoo. This conditioning and detangling formula is scented with natural peppermint essential oil, tea tree oil, and contains a blend of quinoa, carrot, kale and lemon proteins to help seal the cuticle and add shine for more luxurious, healthy-shiny hair. Ideal for fine and thinning hair, and will not weigh hair down.

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            Firming & Sculpting Body Lotion - 1 fl oz sample

            KERACELL® Firming & Sculpting Body Lotion is a luxury performance MHCsc?technology formula that includes growth factors, 5 active anti-cellulite cosmetic ingredients for firming, smoothing and sculpting. Light weight and non-greasy, this cooling and refreshing formula is scented with peppermint essential oil to help firm, sculpt and improve the appearance of cellulite, and crepey skin for a more healthy youthful glow from head to toe.

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